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Adventure of the Week – Sweet Combforts & KRISP


Julianna and I have still been actively seeking out all of the best coffee shops in our area. This week we decided to try KRISP Fresh Living in Irvine, CA. I was originally drawn to KRISP by the succulents on the back wall that spell out their name and the brightness of the shop itself. The natural lighting that beams into the space is inviting, refreshing, and so suiting when paired with the name. KRISP offers a variety of smoothies, juices, fresh and healthy food, and of course, plenty of options to get your caffeine fix.

I gave their Nutella Madeline Latte a try and, again, the name couldn’t have described the coffee any better; it tasted exactly like a cookie with a hint of chocolate hazelnut. Julianna got their Blueberry Matcha Latte which she said was really good.

KRISP is located right next to TRADE which is an indoor/outdoor food mall that is a perfect spot to grab some food and take in some fresh air. They have plenty of options and plenty of seating.

We had the privilege of trying out Sweet Combforts, which is best known for their liege waffles on a stick. Sweet Combforts offers a sense of nostalgia, with their toppings being things favorably remembered from our childhoods like fruity pebbles, circus animal cookies, and Oreos (I mean, I still eat these foods now but you catch my vibe). They also have milkshakes made with non-dairy ice cream and vegan options to fit the lifestyles of anyone who is looking to go that route. ALSO. What I wish I had known before hand (I didn’t do my normal Instagram stalking before arriving) was that they have pineapple dole whip! I’ve only found soft serve dole whip in Southern California at Disneyland so anywhere else I can get it is an automatic win.

We got the Cookies & Dreams (Oreo cookie butter, Oreos, and white chocolate drizzle) and the Ya Mom’s! (circus animal cookie butter, circus animal cookies, almonds, and white chocolate drizzle). Both were amazing. The warm waffles are dense, filling, and have just the right amount of sweetness.

I will definitely be back to try more of Sweet Combforts creations.


Happy Adventuring, xo.

It’s Loud in Here.

It is loud in my head. Always.

From the minute I wake up in the morning to the minute I drift off to sleep at night, my mind is like a noisy city made up of hundreds of individuals sounds all coming together to create the song that is my life.

For those who have composed, organized thoughts, I’m sorry that I sound insane. But for those who have been both blessed and plagued with a creative mind that is forever attempting to operate on the unforgiving time clock of life, perhaps you can relate all too well.

Some days, the real time consequences of having a brain that works a million miles per hour and a body that is limited in its human abilities is draining. If only I could do things at the rate in which my mind thinks them up. If only I could gently hush the nagging of my thoughts in a way that would still allow my ideas to stream in so I could manage them and not neglect them.

The hidden gift in a burden is that after it has troubled you more times than you feel you can bear, you eventually get to a point where you ask why it has come. What has it come to teach you?

And here is what I have found:

We were not created with gifts with the expectations that we would give up those gifts in the pursuit of different ones.

A creator does not create something only to be upset that it is not something else.

A seamstress does not create a blouse and then rip it apart because it is not a dress.

A musician would not create a song and then be disappointed that it wasn’t a movie.

An artist would not paint a picture and then wait for it to turn into a sculpture.

And so, consider that God has not created you in the hopes that you would be someone different than who you are.

He intends to use you in a way that fulfills the purpose He has made you for. The creation does not tell the Creator what is was meant for, but rather the Creator gives life to the creation in such a way that its characteristics will lead the way toward its purpose.

Some gifts are easily recognizable. Others appear to be a burden or even a flaw until we look deeply into the possibilities of their purpose.

The loudness in my head isn’t meant to be silenced…it is meant to be channeled. I am not meant to have less ideas…I am meant to give life to my ideas. I don’t need to learn detachment from my thoughts, but rather discernment from what is sent from God and what is not. The persistent calling in my mind isn’t a preview of coming insanity, it is a call to action from the God I serve.

The loudness in our heads is not new news to our Creator. He is simply waiting to see what we will do with it.

So…what has been haunting you that you’ve perceived as a ghost when in actuality it is an angel?

What have you been seeing as your downfall that may truly be the thing meant to raise you up?

Adventures to Have While Saving for Bigger Adventures – Los Angeles Edition

In comparing my adventure list from 2017 to the one I’ve made for 2018, I’ve found that about a third of my adventures this year are a little more on the pricey side (pricey as in more than $100 each). In 2017, I went on a lot of smaller adventures, discovering that some of the best adventures are the ones that are both close by and inexpensive.

Inexpensive adventures make it so much easier to adventure to more places and more often. 

Like anyone else, in between bigger adventures I need time to save money but don’t want to sacrifice going out and experiencing different things.

Here are 20 things to do in LA if you’re looking to have an adventure that will allow for some space to save for bigger adventures or if you’re just looking for a way to have some fun without breaking the bank:

  1. Hike to the Hollywood sign (Free) – If you’re feeling outdoorsy, grab some water and take the 5 mile hike up to see the famous Hollywood sign. This is a great way to get some exercise and have an adventure.
  2. Go to the Getty Museum (Free admission +$15 for parking) – Not only is the Getty Museum filled with beautiful and thought provoking art, but the grounds are truly amazing.
  3. Go to the Getty Villa (Free admission +$15 for parking) – If you’re feeling super adventurey and you have the whole day to spare, you can visit both the Getty Museum and the Getty Villa (located in Malibu) on the same day and only have to pay for parking at one of the two.
  4. Griffith Park Zoo (Free) – Good for hiking and exploration.
  5. Griffith Observatory (Free admission + Parking) – This is a beautiful place to look over the city if you visit during the day and a perfect place to see the stars if you visit at night. You could also pair this adventure with hiking at the Hollywood sign and visiting the Griffith Park Zoo, as the three are all in the same general area.
  6. Visit the Bradbury Building (Free) – If you love architecture, you will love this place. It makes for a quick adventure, as you are not allowed to go up the elevators or most of the higher staircases but nevertheless, it’s still worth the visit. It’s located right next to Blue Bottle Cafe which is a cute place to grab a cup of coffee.
  7. Visit The Broad Museum (Free + Parking) – Visit one of LA’s most well known museums for free when you reserve your tickets ahead of time on their website.
  8. Take a hike at Escondido Falls in Malibu (Free) – This hike is about 3 miles long roundtrip and if you’re lucky, the waterfall at the end of the trail will have lots of running water.
  9. Enjoy some time at The Grove (Free) – I visited this outdoor shopping area for the first time during Christmas this year and it was magical. Regardless of when you go, it’s a great place to walk around, people watch, or do a little shopping.
  10. Visit the California African American Museum ( Free + $12-$15 Parking) – Check out this museum from Tuesday-Sunday for free, just pay for parking and be aware ahead of time that parking is cash only.
  11. Visit the Museum of the Holocaust (Free + Parking ) – Even parking is free if you can snag one of the limited free spaces in the museums underground garage.
  12. Visit the Last Bookstore to get your book fix (Free + Metered parking) – This bookstore not only has a major selection of books, but it’s also infamous for it’s book arch, color coordinated book wall, and wacky bookcases that look like something out of Alice in Wonderland.
  13. Check out the exhibition galleries at the California Science Center (Free + $12 Parking) – Admission to the exhibition galleries is free and you have the option to pay for admission to the museum’s special exhibits for under $20.
  14. Take in the beauty of the Wayfarers Chapel (Free) – Wayfarers Chapel is a breathtaking glass chapel overlooking the water in Palos Verdes which is in LA county but not quite in LA. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy in the rose garden which is right next to the chapel.
  15. Check out the view at Signal Hill Park in Long Beach (Free) – Again, not located in LA but still in LA county. This view is spectacular at night, and you can enjoy it for free. If you have some extra money to spare, head a few miles down the road from the park and grab a bite to eat at SteelCraft. SteelCraft is an outdoor space with a variety of different food options, including a waffle spot that I definitely recommend.
  16. Roam through the Venice Canals (Free) – Pick a good weather day and head over to stroll through the beautiful canals of LA.
  17. Grab a flower inspired drink and piece of cake at Bia Coffee in Koreatown ($6-$14) – Bia Coffee isn’t the most inspiring as far as interior design goes, but they have rose and lavender infused coffee, lemonade, tea, and cake. The drinks and the cake are so aesthetically pleasing and they are even garnished with edible flowers. I would definitely recommend checking it out at least once.
  18. Grab a latte with your picture on it at Carerra Cafe ($7) – This super cute cafe will put any picture you want on top of your drink of choice. It’s also located directly across from the infamous pink wall in the event that you wanted to get in a few trendy LA pics.
  19. Soak in the ocean breeze while drinking a cocktail at the Strand House in Manhattan Beach (about $15 per drink) – This restaurant is one of my favorite places to soak in the sun, breeze, and ocean views while sipping on a mimosa. They also have killer homemade donuts if you feel so inclined.
  20. Ride the SkySlide (Less than $30 + Parking) – Where else can you ride a glass slide on the side of a skyscraper?


Hoping this list gives you some ideas for a worthwhile adventure at a cost that leaves a little extra money in your wallet.

Happy adventuring ♥

Detaching From the Unnecessary

There are certain words I use all the time, even if I don’t realize it. If you ask anyone who knows me well, they will tell you that one of those words, undoubtedly, is “unnecessary.”

Everyone who knows me knows that I hate having things that I consider to be unnecessary. This is completely ironic for me because as a kid, I was that person whose closet could not hold even one more piece of paper before the doors busted open and who was surely housing some unknown creature in the abyss known as “under the bed.” I kept everything.

Somewhere along the line I discovered how much I don’t like having things that I don’t use. I hate clutter and I hate waste. I wish this meant that my house was always perfectly spic and span, but I am still balancing who I am now and that 10-year-old kid who collected every sticker, magazine poster, and stuffed animal I could get my hands on. I am slowly learning how valuable it is to have what you need, want, and will use while saying no to things you don’t need, want, or use. As Americans, we are bred with such a consumer mentality; we are programmed to associate having more things with having more happiness and it just isn’t true. I’ve found that having less stuff frees my mind to focus on the things that are most important to me, and those things are never actually things at all.

“Unnecessary” will forever be one of my most used words. I literally  delight in discovering something to be unnecessary; for me, it is both freeing and rewarding. It means there is one less material thing for me to be distracted by, thus opening one more space to connect with something greater spiritually.

When you deem something to be necessary, you will do whatever needs to be done to get it. The danger in this is that all too often, we make things necessary that don’t line up with our core values and goals. If what you chase doesn’t line up with your true values, you will always feel dissatisfied.

If you are looking to detach from the unnecessary, begin in your home and with your belongings. Detaching from the unnecessary soul wise takes a little more work, but this is a good place to start. Evaluate what you have and consider what you could do without. Before you buy something, consider how much you really need it, how often you will use it, and if it will ultimately be an asset or a liability in your life.

I’m not talking about forcing yourself to live in lack, I’m talking about discovering the fullness in things you already have. 

Someone once told me they bought a sweater, only to realize months later that they had the exact same sweater in their closet already but didn’t realize it because it had been so long since they sorted through their clothes. Use the sweater as a metaphor for all the things in your life that you may be seeking without realizing that they are already in your possession. 

Here are 6 ways I declutter and detach from the unnecessary in my home:

  1. Clean out your bag – One time I found $50 in a bag I hadn’t used (or cleaned) in a long time. Whether you carry a purse, a backpack, a clutch, a wallet, a whatever, just clean it out. Throw away receipts you don’t need, organize your cards/money, and remove anything that doesn’t belong in there.
  2. Clean out your pantry – Throw away old food, expired medicines/spices, and organize. This actually makes grocery shopping so much easier too because you are aware of what you already have.
  3. Clean out your closet – Ask your self: When is the last time I wore this? Do I honestly see myself wearing this in the next year? Would I buy this again today? Is this faded or stained? How do I feel when I wear this? If you can’t remember when you last wore it or you don’t see yourself wearing it anytime soon, it’s time to let it go. If it’s faded or stained, the chances of you wearing it are very low…let it go. If the way you feel when you wear an article of clothing isn’t in accordance with the way you want to feel as a whole, let it go. It’s 2018, we don’t have time for outfits that don’t make us feel our best. Remove what you don’t need and donate it or re-purpose it.
  4. Clean out your cabinets – Organize. Again, take in to account what you already have and what you might need. That way, you can be sure to buy the right things the next time you’re at the store instead of getting more of what you already have. Throw away old makeup. If you weren’t aware, most cosmetics have a little jar like symbol on the bottom or back of it that tells you the recommended shelf life for that product. Get rid of random things you’ve collected through the years. I actually reserve a small cabinet in my bathroom as the “I don’t know what to do with this” cabinet. Anything I don’t really know what to do with at the moment but I can’t find it in me to throw away goes here. Periodically I realize that I’ve never gone looking for the things in that cabinet and I just get rid of all of it, or I find something cool in there and put it to use.
  5. Clean out your electronics – Delete old emails, old contacts, and old pictures that you will never care to look at again. We all have that one picture that we took 27 times but really only liked one of them…so delete the other 26 and free up some space. Also, this might not be for everyone, but I recommend unfollowing people on social media who don’t inspire you. The things that appear on our feeds have an effect on us whether we realize it or not, so make sure you’re only allowing positivity, inspiration, and greatness onto your feed and into your mind. Do you really need to keep up with people’s lives who you don’t even care about?  Free up your energy for better things.
  6. Clean out your car – Take out all of the jackets, papers, and whatever other random junk you’ve been saying you’ll take out later. Make “later” right now and see how nice it feels to get into a clean car.


Praying that the next time you sort through any clutter you may have results in the discovery of things that are unnecessary, so that you may move forward feeling lighter, more free, and more open to the things that are of true value in your life.

Adventure of the Week – Mt. Rubidoux & Lift Coffee

Seated with Him in Heavenly Places

In committing to being more active this year, we are going to be incorporating more outdoor activities into our weekly adventures.

This week, we drove out to Riverside to hike at Mt. Rubidoux. The hike, reaching a little over 1300 feet in elevation, was easy, beautiful, and incredibly worthwhile.

Here’s the need to know:

  1. There is plenty of free street parking and entrance to the trails is free as well. As an added bonus, if you love old cemeteries like me, there is an old cemetery with the big head stones at the bottom of the mountain. To get to the mountain, simply plug in the address for Mt. Rubidoux Memorial Park into your GPS and follow the directions. (Here is the address I used : 4706 Mount Rubidoux Dr. Riverside)
  2. The trails are actually paved roads which is really nice and makes the hike a lot easier in my opinion. There are several different paths to choose from, one of which looked like a dirt trail but I’m unsure if that path leads to the top. Be sure to watch your step, as many people bring their animals on the trails and fail to clean up after them (don’t be that person).
  3. The path we ended up taking was roughly two miles round trip and it felt more like a walk than a hike. Even though the hike is up a mountain, the incline increases gradually so it doesn’t feel like you are struggling to walk up the mountain.
  4. If you are afraid of heights, I would think twice if this hike is for you. While the path is paved, there are no ropes or guard rails on the sides. I normally am not affected by heights, but there were a few times when I looked over the side of the mountain and felt a little anxious about how high up we were.
  5. The summit is amazing. Not only can you see the whole city, but there is also a huge American flag, a stone bridge with a tower, and a giant cross. There are a lot of rocks and slippery spots when you get to the top, so again, be sure to watch your step.



Naturally, we still had to get in our caffeine fix so decided to give Lift Room Roasters a try. Lift Room Roasters is located in a super random warehouse looking area, making it somewhat difficult to locate. Once inside, we were pleasantly surprised to find such a hidden gem. From the outside you would never know that Lift Room Roasters is busy roasting their own coffee out in the open for visitors to see.

We ordered two vanilla lattes (mine iced with almond milk and Julianna’s hot with regular milk) and a snickerdoodle cookie to share ($14 total). I don’t think all almond milks are created equal so my latte left a bit to be desired, but Julianna’s was excellent. She rated it a 8-9/10. There are three Lift Room Roasters in Riverside, and I would definitely return if in the area.


Adventure is out there ♥.

30 Days of Intentional Kindness


Now that the craziness of the holidays has come and gone, most of us are beginning our journeys toward making this year our best year. What better way to begin the year than committing to filling the next 30 days with intentional acts of kindness.

There are over 2.5 billion active social media users. In true idealist fashion, I can’t help but think what if even just .1% of those users (that’s a tenth of a percentage, not even a whole percentage) committed to doing 1 act of kindness a day? That would be about 2.5 million acts of love each day that our world so desperately needs. 

I have listed 30 simple acts of kindness that I will be committing to doing during the month of January. I will be using my Instagram story to keep me accountable and hopefully inspire others to also participate in 30 Days of Intentional Kindness. Some acts will be done out of order, as I know that the act of the day may not necessarily fit with my agenda of that day ( for example, what if I don’t go out to get coffee on the 3rd day?). The point is to spread as much kindness as you can, not just to cross things off of a list. If you can do multiple acts on a single day, more power to you! Kindness is contagious – let’s get to it.

Here’s the list: 

Day 1 – Share a piece of wisdom – pass along something valuable to someone else in hopes of making their moment, day, or life a little better. *I have done this via my previous post from today which can be found here.

Day 2 – Donate old clothes/ household items – The beginning of the year (or month, or week, or day) is the perfect time to go through your things and declutter. Get rid of things you don’t need and even better yet, donate them and pass them along to someone who can use them. Look up shelters, churches, or donation centers like Goodwill or the Salvation Army in your area and detach from the unnecessary.

Day 3 – Buy a stranger’s cup of coffee – When buying yourself a cup of coffee (or tea, or a smoothie, or whatever else you drink), pay for the person behind you as well. You never know, you could create a chain reaction and inspire them to buy a coffee for the person behind them.

Day 4 – Leave an instant inspo – #instantinspo is something my sister and I began doing back in September when Target put all of their spiral notebooks on clearance for two cents (thanks Back to School). I have a serious obsession with notebooks and needed a reason to buy them all. We bought 500 notebooks and have been leaving notebooks paired with handwritten notes everywhere we go. The notes encourage whoever finds the book to write down their goals, dreams, prayers, and aspirations and to remember how powerful they are. You might have to wait until September to get the 2 cent deal on notebooks, but they regularly cost about $1. Today, grab a notebook, write a note of encouragement, and leave it somewhere for a stranger to find.

Day 5 – Buy a song on iTunes from a local artist – Most people don’t realize how expensive it is to make music for the aspiring artist. It costs thousands and thousands of dollars of an artists own money to get in the studio, pay sound engineers, create merchandise, travel to venues to perform, and so many other expenses you would never know about if you don’t either create music yourself or know someone who does. In the age of social media, more often than not, we have the privilege of listening for free. Today, spend the $1.29 to buy a song from an artist off of iTunes. It’s not about the money, it’s about showing that you recognize the sacrifice and dedication they put into their work. Such a simple act can be a push for your favorite artist to continue creating the music you love.

Day 6 – Ask to speak to a manager to report something good – Too often, customers only ask to speak to a manager if something is wrong, leaving those who are going above and beyond to never be recognized for their positive efforts. Today, when you have a positive interaction with an employee, ask to speak to the manager to tell them what a good job that person is doing.

Day 7 – Bake something for someone – Who doesn’t love fresh baked goodies? Today, bake something to give away where you see fit. If you can’t bake, gift something store-bought. It’s the act that counts.

Day 8 – Comment something positive on a stranger’s social media post – This takes two seconds to do. Leave a positive comment on the post of a person whom you don’t know and don’t follow.

Day 9 – Send a “Thank You” card – Think of something good that has happened to you recently and mail a card to simply say thank you. Most of us only get bills in the mail, so imagine the surprise when receiving a ray of sunshine via snail mail. The card can be for anyone – a friend, a family member, a colleague, an employee at a store you visited. Pass along kindness by way of saying thank you.

Day 10 – Donate money to the homeless – Who does a couple of dollars make more of a difference to, you or a homeless person? Give with a generous heart, knowing that God stores up treasures for you in Heaven according to the treasures you share with others on this earth.

Day 11 – Pay a compliment – Tell a random person you like their outfit, remind a friend how contagious their laugh is, or tell your boss how their leadership skills have positively impacted you. Whoever you choose, give them something positive to reflect on…you never know how that may affect their day.

Day 12-  Tape coupons to appropriate items at the store – A good amount of us (at least here in California) get tons of coupons in the mail, mainly for things we don’t actually buy. Today, when you’re headed to the store, grab one of those mailers out of your mailbox and leave a coupon for a stranger to find. I mean, I sure would like to find a coupon for money off of an item already taped to that item.

Day 13 – Text someone first thing in the morning to say how important they are – Start someones day off with a quick message to say how much you appreciate them…it can set the mood for their entire day.

Day 14 – Donate old books to the library – I love the library. I truly believe it is such a privilege to have access to so many books for free. Today, support your local library by donating those books you never read anymore.

Day 15 – Call a relative you haven’t spoken to in a while – Take an extra few minutes to call to say hello to one of your family members that you haven’t talked to recently. We are all so busy and often forget how much of a blessing it is just to be able to call our relatives at all.

Day 16 – Tape a dollar to an ATM– Happy depositing!

Day 17 – Tip extra- When you’re dining out, leave a few extra dollars on top of what you were already planning to tip.

Day 18 – Leave something for the mail person– Our mail carriers are so often forgotten because we rarely (if ever) see them. Leave a note, a gift card, or a small present in or near your mailbox (with a tag that says it’s for them) to say thank you for an often thankless job.

Day 19 – Leave a positive review – Similar to day 6, so often reviews aren’t posted unless it’s for a negative reason. Take a few minutes of your time to post/write/call in about a positive experience you had at a store or with a product.

Day 20 – Send an “I’m thinking of you” card or letter – Grab a card or a piece of paper and remind someone you care about that they are on your mind.

Day 21 – Donate money to a GoFundMe account– Social media has provided us so many ways to help each other. Pick a GoFundMe account that you trust and support, and donate a few dollars to the cause.

Day 22 – Tape an inspirational note in a book – Leave an encouraging note in a book at a store or a library for the reader to find when they get to a specific page.

Day 23 – Go over and beyond for someone you live with ( or for a neighbor or a friend if you live alone) – It is so easy to get in a routine with the people we live with (or around) that we forget to show them how important they truly are to us. Today, do something for someone in your household (or neighborhood or whatever) that requires a little extra effort on your part. Perform a household chore for them, bring them lunch, wash their car, the ideas are endless.

Day 24 – Leave a lotto scratcher for a stranger to find – Imagine how fun it would be to find an unscratched lottery scratcher, just waiting for you to see if it’s a winner or not. Tape a scratcher to a gas pump, give one to a store clerk, or just hand one to a stranger. It’s a fun gift of chance.

Day 25 – Spend time in prayer for 10 people– Make a list of 10 people who could use some prayer today. Spend 1- 2 minutes praying for each person on your list.

Day 26 – Instagram shoutout someone who inspires you – We are all inspired by someone. Take two minutes to give a shoutout to someone who positively impacts you via social media.

Day 27 – Surprise someone you love – Take a moment to do something for someone you love. Send flowers, stop by to say hello, provide an act of service they weren’t expecting – whatever it is, offer a pleasant surprise to someone close to your heart.

Day 28 – Share your gratitude – Incorporate gratitude into a conversation you’re having, tell someone that you appreciate them, or just put good vibes into the air. Either way, spread thankfulness for what you have and encourage others to do the same.

Day 29 – Leave a “you’re beautiful” note on a bathroom mirror– Why do we look at ourselves in the mirror? To make sure we look good! Tape a note to a bathroom mirror (or any public mirror) to remind the person looking at themselves that they are beautiful.

Day 30 – Do an Instagram giveaway! – Who doesn’t love to win free stuff via Instagram? Today, give away something to one of your followers. It doesn’t have to be something crazy or big, just something to say that you appreciate the connection you have with other individuals via social media.



This list can be incorporated into your daily life or used specifically when you start to feel out of touch with humanity. Let’s start a kindness movement, one day at a time.


Share your experiences with me and hashtag #30daysofintentionalkindness on any of your social media posts pertaining to this post!


How to Have an Extra $365 at the End of the Year

How would you like a check at the end of the year for $365? What about a check for $500? $1000? The amount is up to you.

The post after this one will give the breakdown for a project I’m working on during the month of January called 30 Days of Intentional Kindness. The first day’s call to action is to share a piece of wisdom that can positively impact someone else.

The piece of wisdom I would like to pass on today is the importance of saving money and creating margin in your life. If you were to save $1 a day, at the end of the year you would have an extra $365. $10 a week gives you over $500 at the end of the year, and $80 a month gives you over $1000.

There is an app called Qapital that has totally changed the way I save money over the course of the past few months. I have previously written about it, so bare with me as this post will be very similar to one from October. This year I want to cultivate better saving habits and Qapital is helping me do it. This app is super easy to use and makes saving money a no brainer.

Here’s what you need to know about this method of saving money:

1. Install the app. It is currently only available to users in the United States, but it looks like they are working to expand in the near future.
2. Link the app to your bank account (it’s secured).
3. Set a goal, and decide which rule you would like to apply to your savings plan. This part is my favorite. There are so many rules you can choose from; pick one that best suits your goals and current financial status. For example, you can select a rule that makes it so every time you use your debit card, Qapital automatically rounds up to the nearest dollar and saves that amount for you. So, if you spend $8.25 at the store, Qapital will round your purchase up to $9.00 and put the 75 cents into a secured savings for you. There are other rules that you can chose from such as automatically save a dollar (or more) a week, automatically set aside 30% of your earnings for taxes in the event that you are a freelancer, or even set up a reward system for when you hit your fitness goals.
4. You can withdraw your money at any time, even if you have not hit your goal amount yet. It does take up to 3 business days to see the money in your bank account.
5. It is free. There are no hidden costs. The company makes its money through a visa card they offer as an additional service. Qapital also has a version of overdraft protection, meaning that if there is less than $100 in your account, they will put a hold on any pending deposits until you have more than the minimum required amount of $100 in your bank account.

It’s that easy.
Realistically, what are the chances that you will miss an extra few cents when you’re already making a purchase? On the other side of it, those few cents can really add up when you save them. Imagine if you saved $3 a week using the round up rule. $3 a week x 52 weeks in a year is still an extra $156 in a year…$156 that you would have spent without even realizing it. The best part is, you are in control of how much you save. If you can afford to round up to $2 for every time you use your debit card, do that. If you can afford to put away $10 a week, do that. Even if you saved $1 a week for a year, you would still be saving money AND cultivating a habit that will benefit you for the rest of your life.
As I mentioned in my previous post about Qapital, this is not an ad. I would never endorse something I don’t actually use. As an added bonus, Qapital gives all of their users access to an invite code. This code will give you $5 to get you started toward your savings goals.
I hope this piece of information will be as beneficial to you as it was to me when I received it, and will kick off your 2018 savings in the most positive way.