Adventure of the Week – Mt. Rubidoux & Lift Coffee

Seated with Him in Heavenly Places

In committing to being more active this year, we are going to be incorporating more outdoor activities into our weekly adventures.

This week, we drove out to Riverside to hike at Mt. Rubidoux. The hike, reaching a little over 1300 feet in elevation, was easy, beautiful, and incredibly worthwhile.

Here’s the need to know:

  1. There is plenty of free street parking and entrance to the trails is free as well. As an added bonus, if you love old cemeteries like me, there is an old cemetery with the big head stones at the bottom of the mountain. To get to the mountain, simply plug in the address for Mt. Rubidoux Memorial Park into your GPS and follow the directions. (Here is the address I used : 4706 Mount Rubidoux Dr. Riverside)
  2. The trails are actually paved roads which is really nice and makes the hike a lot easier in my opinion. There are several different paths to choose from, one of which looked like a dirt trail but I’m unsure if that path leads to the top. Be sure to watch your step, as many people bring their animals on the trails and fail to clean up after them (don’t be that person).
  3. The path we ended up taking was roughly two miles round trip and it felt more like a walk than a hike. Even though the hike is up a mountain, the incline increases gradually so it doesn’t feel like you are struggling to walk up the mountain.
  4. If you are afraid of heights, I would think twice if this hike is for you. While the path is paved, there are no ropes or guard rails on the sides. I normally am not affected by heights, but there were a few times when I looked over the side of the mountain and felt a little anxious about how high up we were.
  5. The summit is amazing. Not only can you see the whole city, but there is also a huge American flag, a stone bridge with a tower, and a giant cross. There are a lot of rocks and slippery spots when you get to the top, so again, be sure to watch your step.



Naturally, we still had to get in our caffeine fix so decided to give Lift Room Roasters a try. Lift Room Roasters is located in a super random warehouse looking area, making it somewhat difficult to locate. Once inside, we were pleasantly surprised to find such a hidden gem. From the outside you would never know that Lift Room Roasters is busy roasting their own coffee out in the open for visitors to see.

We ordered two vanilla lattes (mine iced with almond milk and Julianna’s hot with regular milk) and a snickerdoodle cookie to share ($14 total). I don’t think all almond milks are created equal so my latte left a bit to be desired, but Julianna’s was excellent. She rated it a 8-9/10. There are three Lift Room Roasters in Riverside, and I would definitely return if in the area.


Adventure is out there ♥.

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