Adventure of the Week – Bagels & Brew and Chill at The Queen Mary

Unicorn Bagels we were hoping to try! (picture from Bagel & Brew's Instagram)

This week’s adventure was truly that…an adventure. We learned about planning ahead and finding what’s great about where you end up.

We set out to find Unicorn bagels at Bagels & Brew in Lake Forest. Usually I drive, but this week Julianna drove. Instead of driving to the Lake Forest location, we ended up at the Aliso Viejo location which was an extra 20 minutes away from our starting point (side note: make sure the driver knows how to operate their GPS before you actually start driving). When we finally arrived, we found out that Bagels & Brew only offers their colorful unicorn bagels Thursday – Sunday which was too bad for us because it was Wednesday. We ended up ordering a pizza bagel melt (about $5.50) to share, and it was so good that we ordered a second one. If you head over to Bagels & Brew for a pizza melt, make sure to ask for ranch because they have the good ranch (if you’re a ranch connoisseur, you know what I mean when I say “good ranch”). They also have a range of other things on their menu from salads, sandwiches, smoothies, ice cream, burgers, soup, and coffee all made with fresh ingredients.  The shopping center is cute and has several stores, a movie theater, and lots of other places to grab food if you’re in the mood for a different type of cuisine.

Pizza Melt Bagel

After dark, our family headed over to Long Beach to experience CHILL, an annual winter event that takes place aside the historic Queen Mary. CHILL showcases the food and culture of six different regions of the world.

Here’s the need to know if you plan to check out CHILL for yourself:

  1. The experience runs from December 13th- January 7th (closed on New Years Eve) from 4:30pm-11pm.
  2. Everything about it is expensive. My mom got the tickets off of Groupon, but I no longer see them available on the site. Tickets can be purchased here and cost $29.99 for adults and $19.99 for kids. Parking is a whopping $20, and to our surprise, many of the attractions inside of the event cost extra. The best attraction by far is the zip line, which cost an additional $90 for 6 of us to ride.
  3. There are free attractions once you get inside of the event such as ice skating, shuffleboard, a giant rocking horse and a tubing slide.
  4. There are plenty of places inside to get food, which feature tradition foods from different regions such as Russia, Switzerland, etc.
  5. There are several little houses where you can make crafts such as your own gingerbread house and Christmas stockings.
  6. It may be worth it if this is something you’ve really wanted to experience, but all in all, I would say that the prices are just too high when there are so many adventures out there. In calculating the cost of the full experience (entry, parking, food, and attraction tickets) for just a family of three, it would easily be at least $200. Yikes.

Until next time, adventure is out there! ♥

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