Do You Watch Your Language?

What kind of words come out of your mouth the most frequently?

In focusing on being keenly aware of the energy I give and receive, I’ve started paying special attention to the things I say. What I mean by this is I’ve started being consciously aware of how often I use positive words and how often I use negative words.

Take your average day into account. How often do you use the words (or words similar to) “beautiful, amazing, grateful, blessed, thankful, incredible, faith, hopeful, appreciate, wonderful, great, happy, funny, inspiring, creative, love” or any other word or phrase that has a strong association with positivity?

Now, consider how often you use the words (or words similar to) ” bad, sucks, broke, hate, poor, unhappy, never, failure, sick, won’t, can’t, stupid, ugly, worthless, stressed” or any other word or phrase that is strongly associated with negativity? Which of the those words do you most often use to describe your life? More importantly,  which of those words do you most often use to describe yourself? 

Of course there are times when certain words are indeed accurate in their descriptions ( if you have the flu, of course you are “sick”), and it is absolutely crucial that we all live our truths (if you’re overwhelmed, feeling “stressed” is completely valid). I’m not talking about the words we use to describe occurrences that happen now and again; I’m talking about the ways we habitually speak about life as a whole.

Writer Anaïs Nin said ” we don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are.” How often in your day do you intentionally focus on finding something that is beautiful? How often in your day do you say “thank you” out loud? How often do you pay a compliment? It is in the average, seemingly ordinary moments that we have the power to create our own reality. Speak what you want to see.

The more positivity you speak, the more you notice it from others. My mind has become sensitized to goodness; if you’re speaking positivity, I’m automatically listening. Consequently, negativity is less able to reach me – my brain either begins to filter it in order to find the good that can be pulled from it or it just begins to tune it out. The opposite also holds true for the person whose main focus is on the negative. You get to choose which life you will live; do you want to be tuned into positivity and unavailable to negativity, or do you want to be tuned into negativity and unavailable to positivity?

We have the power to be great and add greatness into our world beginning with the things we say.  Let’s speak life into all of our situations and then go out and flourish.


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