Adventure of the Week – Dough & Arrow

Iced Guava Tea, Iced Cookie Creme Latte, Red Velvet Cookie, Smookie, and Creme Brulee cookie with our ZeroUV glasses

This week we tried the coffee and desserts at Dough & Arrow in Costa Mesa. I had originally found this spot on Instagram and was lured in by their Stranger Things inspired drinks (I rarely watch TV but cmon…it’s Stranger Things).

I had driven right by Dough & Arrow at least 50 times this year and never once even noticed it, which is further proof that some of the best places can be right under your nose!  The exterior is your average, basic strip mall store; the interior is cute, clean, and features their signature pink cookie that you see on everyone’s posts.

Dough & Arrow is known for their Ube desserts ( Philipino yams that are purple and mixed with condensed milk and butter), cookies, and edible cookie dough. They’re generous with their samples, so be sure to ask to try out the cookie dough if you can’t decide which flavor you might like. They also have a range of beverages, and they will give you a free cookie if you check in on Yelp while you’re there.

We ordered a red velvet cookie, a smookie (the cross between a smore and a cookie), a creme brulee cookie, an iced cookie cream latte, and an iced guava tea (total was roughly $12). The cookie cream latte was incredibly good, but it was also incredibly sweet. The guava tea was exceptional. They add activated charcoal to it, giving it an ombre color (this was the base of the Stranger Things drink I had originally seen online, but they stopped making it after Halloween). It is so light and refreshing, and if I had to pick one item that would cause me to return, it would be this. The cookies were also amazing. I don’t typically like creme brulee, but it was definitely the best one of the three we ordered. It was perfectly torched on the outside, yet soft and moist on the inside.

Three days later, we’re still talking about how good everything was and how we want to go back. I would definitely recommend giving Dough & Arrow a try if you are in the area!


Happy Adventuring ♥

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