Adventure of the Week – The Lost Bean

The Lost Bean

We visited Happy Place on Monday, but still had to head out for a quick coffee date on Wednesday before I left back to the Bay Area for the rest of the week.

This week’s coffee adventure took place at The Lost Bean in Costa Mesa. This is my new favorite coffee spot by far. The outdoor space is quiet, modern, refreshing, and sure to evoke new thoughts and ideas.

If you’re looking for a new spot to get your caffeine fix, here’s what you should know about The Lost Bean:

  1. There are two locations, with the original being in Tustin and the newest being in Costa Mesa. The Costa Mesa shop is in an off the grid kind of location, one where you are not likely to find it unless you are looking for it.
  2. We visited the shop in the late morning, and there were only a couple other people there when we arrived. It is a perfect place to get in some quiet work, studying, reading, or writing.
  3. I love the outdoor space. Both the front and the back of the shop have plenty of seating, but the back of the shop also has tables in the shade, trees, large artistic doors and a ping pong table.
  4. The Lost Bean roasts their own coffee in store and uses local and organic ingredients. We got a chocolate chip cookie that was undeniably home made with quality ingredients, a Zebra latte that was made with both white and dark chocolate, and a pumpkin latte that was seasonally perfect (total cost: $13). I will definitely be back to try their variety of teas and their best seller, Better than Bulletproof, which is made up of multiple espresso shots, butter, and coconut oil amongst other ingredients. I was pretty much stuck at butter – I had never heard of anyone putting butter in coffee before!
  5. If you love The Lost Bean, you might also be interested in The Lost Vine, which is an organic wine bar that is attached to the Tustin location. Be on the lookout for a future adventure post featuring The Lost Vine, as I’m sure I will be making my way there soon.

Don’t forget to tag @spillyoursoul_ in your adventure Instagram pictures or share your experience with me in the comments!

Happy adventuring ♥

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