Adventure of the Week – Happy Place


This week was a busy one! In the midst of work, school break, traveling, and the holiday, we still made sure to get in our weekly adventure.

Our mom has some kind of radar for pop up museums and other random events, and she got us tickets to Happy Place on opening day. Happy Place is a Los Angeles pop up museum centered around positivity, fun, and of course, happiness. The creators of the museum have created colorful rooms full of sensory goodness and selfie opportunities. The rooms include a yellow and white striped room featuring giant shoes covered with M&M’s,  a red room with a lip couch, a flower room, an upside down bedroom, a giant birthday cake room with delicious cake pops you can take home, and several others. The highlights include jumping into a giant pot of golden coins creatively placed under a rainbow, confetti “snow” perfect for making confetti snow angels, and a confetti filled dome where visitors can spend up to 60 seconds frolicking or taking pictures.

Here’s your adventure guide for Happy Place if you plan to go:

  1. We got our tickets via Groupon, but they have since sold out. You can purchase your tickets through the museum’s website, which can be found here. Tickets are $28.50 each and are only on sale until January 7th, 2018. Happy Place is open Wednesday-Monday and closed on Tuesdays.
  2. There is street parking, but it is limited. We paid $10 to park in a lot that is directly down the block from the museum.
  3. Entry is timed, but once you are inside you can spend as much time exploring as you like. However, you cannot go back into a room once you have gone through it, so be sure to soak in the fullness of each room while you are in it. It takes about an hour or less to walk through the whole museum.
  4. If you get hungry, they do have their own food truck that serves rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Two sandwiches, two bottled drinks, and one cup of soup cost $38, which was a bit expensive in my opinion. Happy Place is also within a very short walking distance of Urth Café, where you can get breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you decide to go there, make sure to try their Spanish latte – it’s amazing.
  5. There are unfortunately some major downfalls of this pop up in my opinion. Picture taking is highly encouraged, but the lighting inside of the museum leaves much to be desired. The rooms are much darker than portrayed in pictures, the sets are hard to photograph well, and overall it is slightly underwhelming. Some areas seem like the creators were in a rush to finish instead of properly planning and executing. All in all it is still a very worthwhile experience, especially if you make a full day out of being in LA and plan out other adventures while you’re in the area.

If you adventure to Happy Place, tag @spillyoursoul_ in your pictures on Instagram or share your experience with me in the comments ♥

Adventure is out there!



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