Adventure of the Week – Carrera Cafe

Spill Your Soul Latte

This week we cruised over to Melrose to grab lunch at Carrera Cafe. Julianna had been to this cafe once before and recommended that we go again. The drive from the freeway to the cafe is filled with art, colorful walls, and inspiration.

Here’s the need to know about Carrera:

  1. This little cafe is located on the corner of Melrose and N Harper Ave in Los Angeles; it is directly across the street from the infamous Paul Smith pink wall. If you’re planning to take pictures in front of the pink wall, there is a security guard who stands near the wall making sure that the only pictures that are taken are taken with a camera phone (no professional looking cameras are allowed).
  2. Everything about Carrera Cafe screams “aesthetic.” Outside you will find brick walls, walls with murals, cute chairs with patterned umbrellas, and street art everywhere you look. Inside, the cafe is a vision of black and white, and the natural lighting it gets is heavenly.
  3. Most people come to Carrera to order a coffee with their selfie on it. Once you arrive, download the app “Coffee Ripples” to pick a picture to go on top of your drink. They can put your picture on any hot or cold drink, so long as it has hot foam on top. I got a vanilla latte ($4 + $1.50 for the latte art) and thought the coffee itself was delicious.
  4. Their menu has a range of items from salads to waffles to sandwiches to freshly baked goods. I got a Cobb salad, and Julianna got a Greek salad ($12 each). Each salad comes in a clear bowl with a lid which makes them look even more appetizing. The food is fresh, made with quality ingredients, and very filling.
  5. There was plenty of metered parking around the cafe, but we did arrive fairly early in the day (11AM). Upon arrival, there was only one other person in the cafe, but it was about 3/4 full when we left.

After lunch we did some shopping in the nearby area which is filled with boutiques and trendy shops.

Be sure to tag @spillyoursoul_ in your Instagram pictures so I can be a part of your adventures!

Happy Adventuring ♥

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