Adventure of the Week – Coffee Series

UM. This screams "Inspiration"

I’ve been trying to figure out what my obsession with coffee has been lately.

Up until a few months ago I rarely even drank coffee at all, but recently I’ve been so intrigued by all of the little shops that aren’t a part of a mainstream chain. Don’t get me wrong – Starbucks and Peet’s have their place in my heart, but it is something about the small, tucked away spots that have the power to awaken a new sense of inspiration.

This week, we decided to try Common Room Roasters. Tucked away in a Newport Beach neighborhood, the baristas are serving up delicious coffee paired with minimalistic vibes.

Here’s the need to know:

  1. Common Room Roasters is located in a spot where you’re not necessarily likely to just stumble across it. If you begin to feel like you might be going the wrong way when looking for it, keep going.
  2. The owners are from Melbourne, and the shop is designed to represent an Australian approach to how coffee is done.
  3. They use local ingredients. It is evident from the rich and bold flavors that they keep away from anything generic or mass produced. Even their milk is from a local vendor (they have almond milk too!) They also offer a variation of donuts and protein balls.
  4. We ordered a chocolate latte, a vanilla latte, and a hot chocolate (cost: $14). All three came out with beautiful latte art ( I’ve never seen someone do an elephant on a hot chocolate).
  5. The people who work here are friendly, hip, and knowledgable about what the company strives to deliver to its customers.
  6. They also host different events and popups ; this is definitely a creative space sure to provide you with some #InstantInspo.


As always, happy adventuring!

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