Adventure Time – Coffee, Mac and Cheese, and Flowers

Rose Park Roasters

It has been so hot in Southern California lately. I know we are super spoiled here because the weather is usually perfect, but this 100+ degrees heat wave thing is just not something we’re used to.

So this week, when I looked at our list and realized that pretty much all of the places I had written down were outdoors, we decided to take our dad to lunch instead. Best decision. When you get the opportunity to take someone you love to lunch, please do it. It is those moments that are the most valuable, I promise. We ended up at a little place near where our dad was working, and we were fully present in being there with him.

With that being said, here’s the scoop on an adventure we went on a few weeks ago that is a must if you are in Long Beach.

We started the morning off with coffee from Rose Park Roasters. I had seen pictures of this little shop, and the wall inside is what drew me to it. Nestled away in a neighborhood, it is the perfect spot to find some inspiration. Sitting inside, it is obvious that this is a spot with a lot of locals, but it is still welcoming to adventurers looking to discover something new.

Bottom line: the coffee is excellent, the people are friendly, and the space serves as a great spot to get in some thinking/studying/work.


We didn’t realize it prior to arriving at Rose Park Roasters, but it is within a couple of miles of The Attic, which is infamous for their Mac N Cheetos. We couldn’t pass up grabbing lunch there, since it was also on our list of places to check out.

First things first, read the street signs wherever you park even if there are a bunch of cars parked in the same vicinity. The street sweeping schedule is insane. We ended up with a $50 street sweeping ticket, so just make sure to check (and double-check) the time and date to avoid the same situation.

Because we went during the week and early in the day, we were able to get a seat right away. The line does get long, so keep that in mind when planning your visit.

We shared Reggae Mac N Cheetos and an order of Cajun fries. Both of the dishes were amazing. The mac n cheese had the perfect balance of flavors and was complimented by the hot cheetos instead of being overpowered by them. The fries were perfectly seasoned and paired excellently with their homemade sauces. I’m glad we shared because the portions are super filling. Even after we left, we kept saying we couldn’t believe how good the food was; we were so pleasantly surprised! They have a lot of other popular dishes and five other variations of their mac n cheese in addition to the original.



As we headed back towards home, we saw a flower shop on the corner while driving down Pacific Coast Highway. We didn’t plan on stopping, but you know we can’t miss a photo-op. Not only were the flowers vibrant and beautiful, but we also found a mini secret oasis inside the back of the shop. To be honest, I have no idea what this shop is called. I do know though, that if you see a pretty flower shop on your way home, it is worthwhile to hop out of the car and take a moment to soak up the beauty; you never know what you might find.


Happy Adventuring!

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