Adventure Time – 3 in 1 Morning

Adventure day is typically Wednesday for me, but that doesn’t mean impromptu adventures don’t happen all the time.

When a classmate told me about a coffee shop in Downey that has #SelenaSunday, naturally I texted Julianna and our mom and asked if they wanted to cruise. Selena Sunday means that on Sundays, Horchateria Rio Luna bakes cookies in the shape of Selena, some of her most famous outfits, a microphone, and of course, a rose (cue Como La Flor).

While we waited for the shop to open, we got to talking about Porto’s, which is a bakery known for their array of freshly baked goods. Coincidentally we were only about 12 minutes from Porto’s…which means it was only right to head there after we got our Selena cookies.

Not to be extra, but sometimes we’re a little extra. Roasting Water is the cutest coffee and tea shop, and they put all of their drinks in uniquely designed bottles (my mom and I have a thing for jars and bottles). Since one of their locations is close by our church, we made it our last stop before we all split for the day.

With all that being said, here are 3 mini adventures you can have all in one day!

Horchateria Rio Luna

  • Not only do they have Selena Sunday, but they have Frida Friday! We went solely for the cookies, but I read that their churros and drinks are to die for.
  • The cookies themselves are decent, but it’s the artwork that makes them amazing.
  • $4.50/cookie.
  • We went right when they opened on a Sunday morning and there was no line at all. However, I did see some reviews saying that the line can get really long.
  • The inside of the shop is so artsy. If you need a place to sit and be inspired, you will find it here.
  • They also have such fun merch for sale! (Think Selena air fresheners for your car, Frida pens, and Concha coin purses and keychains)


  • Everything is good and everything is so inexpensive. Everything. It almost doesn’t make sense. The pastries range in price from around 80 cents to a few dollars. We would highly recommend the dulce de leche kisses, the cappuccino mousse, and the potato balls.
  • Don’t let the long lines discourage you. This place is busy, but they are incredibly efficient. The line may be long, but the wait was not. Plus, it gives you time to decide what you want if you happen to get overwhelmed by their enormous selection.
  • They have three locations: Burbank, Glendale, and Downey.
  • They also have a full menu cafe where you can get sandwiches, soup, smoothies, etc.

Roasting Water

  • It’s all about the bottles! Their drinks are delicious, but how could you not want the bottle?! They are currently featuring Halloween inspired bottles, but they have new ones often. Your drink will be put in a bottle selected at random; you do not get to pick which bottle you get. 
  • 6 locations: Westminster, Fountain Valley, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, and two in Garden Grove.
  • They have a range of drinks on their menu including coffees, teas, lemonades, and smoothies that run from about $3.50-$6.00 each.
  • Each location has a different interior design, and they are all photo worthy.


As always, don’t forget to share your adventure pictures with me and let me know how you liked these spots!

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