One thing I know for sure is that there will always be things in life that aren’t going the way we’d like.

It is so easy to fall into the trap that social media sets for us and believe that you can have all areas of your life perfectly together at all times, but it’s just not possible.

You know how if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere of the world and it’s summer that, without fail, it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere? You and I are microcosms of this world. Just like the whole world cannot all be in the same season at the same time, neither can everything in your life.

When one thing is working, I can almost guarantee that something else is not. When our goals are manifesting, maybe our normal schedules and routines are disrupted. When our relationships are flourishing, maybe our health is not. Or maybe some relationships are going well while others are not. When our finances are where we need them to be, maybe our spiritual condition is not. Or maybe you just don’t have time to do everything the way you’d like to.

We live for those blissful moments where everything comes together in peaceful unity, and we systematically feel like failures when it does not. I’m not saying that there aren’t days or bursts of time where it feels like everything is going well, but I am saying that to expect to permanently live in those spaces is to set yourself up for extra frustration, stress, and anxiety.

When I was a kid, I used to think the yin yang symbol (the taijitu) was just a cool looking Lisa Frank sticker or a charm on a necklace. Now that I’m older, I understand not only what it symbolizes but how it applies in all of our lives. There is good in the bad, and there is bad in the good. The two cannot exist without each other; this is the balance of life.

The Earth is not upset that it’s two halves will never be in seasonal unity; it understands that this is the natural ebb and flow of life.

Imagine if we all gave ourselves a little more permission to accept the different seasons in our lives instead of fighting against them? What could we learn? Who could we become?


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