Everything I am not has left room for everything I am.

Here is a “truth of the day”: for as long as I can remember, I’ve always wished that I had been born with colored (as in green or blue) eyes and a natural singing ability that could blow people’s minds.

Here’s another truth: I have neither.

I mean, I was almost there with the eye thing…my dad and his dad have colored eyes, my grandma’s dad had blue eyes, and his dad had light eyes. And then here’s me…eyes as brown as they come. The singing thing is just out…like all the way out.

So naturally, inevitably, it is so easy to look at other people who have the eyes or voice I want and wonder why I couldn’t have that. And when I say other “people,” I really mean other girls because let’s be honest, as women, we’re almost programmed to compare ourselves to each other. And why stop at eye color and singing voices? Don’t we do this with almost everything? We see something we wish we had or something that’s working for someone else and wonder why we don’t have that or, worse, why we aren’t that. It’s one thing to want something that you are capable of having to at least some degree (I mean, I could wear contacts or take singing lessons if I was really that set on changing those parts of myself), but it is an entirely different thing to associate who we are with what we do or do not have. Like if I don’t have green eyes, then I’m not attractive or if I don’t sing like an angel then I’m not talented. So often, in the midst of all of the comparisons, we turn our attention from what we have to offer and we focus on what we’re lacking.

Here’s the last truth: everything you are not, leaves room for everything you are.

We are all meant to have different gifts; can you imagine how boring this world would be if we were all the same? It is the things I don’t have that allows them to be that much more beautiful when I see them in someone else. Because I have brown eyes, I can recognize how beautiful blue eyes are. Let’s be real…this is so much bigger than eye color. This is about recognizing that if you are not one thing, it is because there is something amazing in the thing that you are. If you don’t have a body like (insert the name of that Instagram girl whose page you always secretly check), do not fail to see the beautiful things about your own body. If you aren’t an extrovert, appreciate the gifts that come with your introversion. Or visa-versa. If you don’t have _____, see the power in your _____. Whatever the case may be, don’t wish for different gifts; embrace the ones you have.

We cannot all be everything. If we all were amazing singers, who would be in the audience anxiously waiting to listen? The singer and the listener need each other equally.

I may not have green eyes, but the brown ones I do have are filled with love that is rooted in my soul. I may not sing well, but there is still room for me to use my voice to encourage and empower others.

So…which of your gifts have you been overlooking or downplaying because you’ve believed other gifts to be more valuable?

Recognize what is dope about you. And then be it completely.




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